Essay on Autobiography of a Pen for Children

You use me every day of your life. When you want to remember something important, you think of me and look for me. I have become an integral part of your daily life, taking me everywhere, in case you need to take note.

I see many of my new brothers pulled after their source of life has run out. But I am an exception. Unlike them, my source of life can be recharged and reused. It is an endless cycle. I have seen many things in my life, I learned an ocean, I wrote hundreds of poems and stories and I saw many people pass by. I remember you all, but I stay here at this desk, always watching.

My past
The first thing I remember was the factory assembly line. People gathered my pieces by hand. They put a protective case around my delicate ink cage. Then they added a finely carved pencil tip, through which the ink flowed. Then I knew that they put me in a foam padded case and moved on.

I remember hours of travel in the back of a transport vehicle. I could listen to others, but we couldn’t talk because we barely had enough sources of life to support each other. After hours and hours of traveling, the vehicle stopped and there was excitement around me. I could hear my brothers being taken one by one.

It was my chance. After a long time on the move, they put me back with my brothers. After a few minutes, we felt in the air. It wasn’t until I found out about human transport that I realized we were on a plane. We had been in the air for much less time. Apparently, air transport is faster. Then they downloaded us and took us to the stores.

The store I entered was huge. It was well lit and maintained, with rows of elegant items for sale. They put me in a showcase, in my case. Apparently it was a different type, a more expensive custom piece. So mainly I saw people bringing my brothers home

They would be interested in me and my design, but the price would always drive them away. But it didn’t matter since I was really proud of my appearance, I felt special. Then my day arrived. A wealthy merchant entered the store, saw me and must have had me. He brought me home, proud to possess me.

Life is a feather
At first, he refused to use me to write, fearing to ruin my complex sculptures and my smooth edges. Didn’t he know that the more I expected, the more my essence of life was depleted? I was weakening day by day.

Then, one day, he gathered enough courage to immerse my interior in ink, my source of life. I felt a wave of life pass through me. He was finally alive, as he was made to be. That day, he used me for everything, wrote everything, just to show me. I learn every day

In a short time, I knew everything about the accounts, the daily events that happen around me and the world. The merchant never forgot to take me, he never forgot to recharge my source of life.

I have met many of my peers throughout my life, but nobody stayed long. Apparently, they had begun to manufacture cheaper pens, which could be thrown away after one use, I would still feel broken, seeing these sad souls waiting for their destiny, there was nothing they could do to save them. Isn’t it cruel? Be labeled as consumable from birth.

The present
I survived everyone I knew. Even my teacher, the merchant, his son, his grandchildren and more. Now, I’m talking to you, you who have inherited from me.

Use me wisely, young man, because I have a wisdom beyond your comprehension. I know the present and the past. I am even sure that I can shape your future, your life that awaits you. I hope you realize the responsibility entrusted to you.

You can change your future, the future of this world. For better or worse? It is your decision, because I have to make your offer. But I hope that, like your ancestors, you make the world a good place.

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