Essay On Honesty Is Best Policy For College Students

Honesty is praiseworthy of anyone in all areas of life. Dishonesty can bring instant success, but in the long run, it will only cause a disaster.

In fact, honesty is the best policy. An honest person is admired and respected by others. Other people know that they can trust him and that he is a reliable and reliable person.

They know that even if they do something wrong, he will notice. He or she will never try to make excuses, blame others or lie.

When a person often tells lies, very quickly, people realize that they are a terrible liar. They avoid it and know that it should not be trusted. They don’t believe anything he says because it could be a lie.

People do not respect that person. Gandhiji always told the truth, although he knew he would be punished for what he said.

The guiding principles throughout his life were truth and ahimsa, and he taught it to everyone. Today, he is revered and admired throughout the world.

Therefore, it is up to us to decide which path we want to take: the path of justice and honesty or the path of cunning and dishonesty.

Telling the truth is often difficult in many circumstances, but the truth remains lasting; A person is identified by their actions.

What makes a person remember? His actions, that’s how he / she was. It is a human tendency to tell lies, but you often avoid telling lies.

If a person catches you lying, they will never believe in you, the truth as their own power, sometimes you have even told the lie, then they will also believe in you, because they knew you were only telling the truth.

Telling the truth has a different impact. You better follow, says the famous proverb, that “honesty is the best policy” and this cannot be avoided.

The story about honesty is the best policy.
We have all read a story about the lumberjack and mercury in school life. The story was that one day a lumberjack ax accidentally fell into a river. The river there was deep and the current was fast.

The lumberjack struggled but could not find his ax. He was ver y sad. Mercury, the messenger of God, saw the sad woodcutter and took pity on him.

Do not worry. I will bring you your ax, Mercury said to the lumberjack and dove into the river. Mercury left the river with a golden ax and offered it to the lumberjack. The woodcutter said: “It’s not mine. I can’t stand it.”

Once again, Mercury descended to the river and returned this time with an ax of pure silver. The honest woodcutter said: “Nor is it my ax.”

Therefore, Mercury dove into the river for the third time. This time he brought a rough iron ax.

“That’s it,” the woodcutter shouted cheerfully and ran to Mercury to take it.

Mercury was satisfied with the honest man’s honesty. He gave both the golden ax and the silver ax as a reward for his honesty.

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