Essay On India: The Great Country For Students

India has about 600 million young people, that is, people under 25. No other country in the world has so many young people.

It is important to guide young people well to improve their skills so that they become the future assets of the nation. They must have access to platforms where they can be trained and their skills modeled to achieve perfection.

An area to improve in this context is the memory learning system in India. We find that the educational system in our country focuses more on conceptual learning than on the practical application of concepts. This results in the creation of a generation of literate youth but with limited employability skills.
Urban youth have more access to employment opportunities. This helps them find jobs in companies that train them in new skills and allow continuous learning. However, young people in rural areas do not have access to these opportunities. These are crucial demographic data that require special attention in this regard.
Get women back to work
The country has a large number of qualified women who decide to abruptly terminate the careers of their families and their children. Currently, women find it difficult to re-enter the labor market after a professional break, especially when their sabbatical leave extends beyond a few years.

We must realize the potential of this treasure trove of skills and encourage women to return to work after their sabbatical year. In this sense, companies must participate in recruitment campaigns and development workshops specifically for women who wish to return to work.

The incentive for the disabled (PWD)

People who suffer from physical malformations today do not have the same opportunities. It is important that government and private companies develop strategies so that these people have access to an environment to develop and be employable.

Setting aside religious differences
India has more ethnic and religious groups than most other countries in the world. However, newspapers continue to appear in the headlines about the incidence of ethnic or community violence in different parts of the country.

It is imperative that the people of the nation and the government shake hands to reduce emerging socio-economic divisions. This is the only way we can grow as a nation and stay strong against international competition.

Conservation of natural resources.

“Land, air, land and water are not the heritage of our ancestors, but are provided by our children. Therefore, we must deliver them at least as we were given “- Mahatma Gandhi

As the father of our nation rightly said, we must focus on protecting nature. The conservation of water, electricity, food, trees, minerals, land and fuel is important to keep India clean for present and future generations.

Building a Great India – 250 Word Essay
India has a very diverse culture. It is a melting pot of religions, kitchens and demography that lives in harmony. But from time to time we have seen that the country has experienced religious and regional differences and insurrections due to the same.

The problem of lack of job opportunities has also recently emerged. The need to unite to build a great India is more relevant than ever.

Listed below are some of the areas in which we should focus more to overcome these difficulties:

Skills development for young people: In addition to providing an environment for young people to develop, the government must also provide equal employment opportunities for young people in rural areas.
Bring women back to work: women should be encouraged at work breaks to return to work and become independent.
Improving the skills of people with disabilities: people with disabilities should be able to find work easily. The government must take action in this regard.
Develop a more tolerant approach to religious differences: the beauty of India is its great regional and religious diversity. We must unite as a nation and set aside our differences to build a great India.
Conservation of natural resources: it is important that each individual protect nature by saving water, soil, electricity and fuel. This is the only way we can keep India clean for future generations.

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