Essay On Indian Police For Children and Students

For those of us who stay in the big cities, a smart police officer with a uniform and cap is a familiar and comforting employee. No society can do without it.
The police work hard to maintain law and order. No one dares to challenge his authority. Your job is full of risks.

As guardian of law and order, he watches thieves, thieves and other antisocial elements. In times of disorder and discomfort, their presence and services become essential. On such occasions, you must act firmly, but with tact and impartiality.

A policeman is essentially a friend of the people. It occupies an important and responsible place in society. He is kind, polite and helpful. He is always attentive and makes sure that people do their job safely and peacefully.

It is our main duty to cooperate with the police so that they can carry out their duties effectively for the greater benefit of society.

We are interested in obeying your instructions and following your orders. The welfare of society certainly depends on the services of a police officer with a public spirit.

Short paragraph
The policeman is a government official. We can see it in important public places and stations. He wears a khaki uniform and is equipped with a baton, a gun and a mobile phone. However, he has neither a gun nor a cell in the town.

Your duty is to maintain public order and protect civilians from criminals in your region. Arrest those who try to break the law and lock them up at the police station. The police patrol the streets at night to protect our property.

A police officer is always alert and alert, and does his duty actively and regularly, but some police officers accept bribes. It is not good for the country. If the protectors get corrupted, it is very likely that our society will not remain safe.

Police rehearsal

Very often, some politicians act very brutally. For this reason, ordinary people are terrified. It is not good for anyone’s well-being.
To control road traffic, there is a separate police wing. We can still see a traffic officer standing at a crossing to regulate traffic.

Give hand signals. If someone does not obey the traffic rules, he whistles and stops him. Then he asked him why he did not follow the traffic rules and he invoiced very well.

The duty of a police officer is very difficult. He is our social protector, so it is our duty to have faith in him. We must provide all our support to the police to maintain public order in the country.

The government should also do something for a police officer to lead a better life. The government should recruit people educated in the police. They should be taught not to accept a bribe and to be educated and behave well.

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