Essay on My First Day at School in English

I joined a new school in the sixth grade when we moved to stay in a new community. The change in the neighborhood was impressive; However, it was the new school facilities that created a sense of overwhelming fear in me. I knew that I would eventually merge with the crowd, but I was sure that the first days would not be the most memorable.

It was my first day at Vibgyor High School and I really felt like a fish out of the water. While I was scanning the school campus, I could see that this place was cleaner and more organized than my previous school. Ugh, it certainly made me feel better when using the girl’s bathroom!

While I was going to my new classroom, I couldn’t help wondering if I would get a comfortable seat at the back of the room. I have always been introverted and preferred to stay away from the spotlights, that is, from the front bench.

When I entered the room, I could feel the inexplicable energy of at least thirty pairs of eyes looking at me. Slowly I moved to the center of the room where I saw one of the few empty seats and parked there. I didn’t look up to meet and greet my new classmates, because everything seemed too embarrassing.

That was when I saw her enter the room. He had a calm face, his hair was in a tight ponytail and he came to me with a confident look. I wanted him not to start a conversation and I stopped making eye contact. However, he introduced himself as Meera and asked if he could sit next to me. I had no choice but to agree.

The warmth of Meera’s smile and the beauty of her thoughts were evident as soon as she started talking to me. I immediately felt that I was someone with whom I would like to be a friend.

After finishing a year at Vibgyor High, I am now grateful that there is an empty seat next to me on my first day at school, as this is what helped me find Meera. She is my best friend at school today and I know we will be friends for years to come.

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