Essay On School Funny Moments For Kids

There were several fun incidents that happened in my class. But the one that stands out specifically happened last week at lunchtime.

One of my friends is an enthusiast. While most of us are reluctant to finish our meal during lunch, she is someone who is eager to enjoy the treats her mother wraps daily. Your lunch is also a complex matter. While we would have difficulty swallowing the chapattis with Maggie Jam or Noodles from our lunch boxes, the only view of their opening from their lunchbox is a ceremony in itself.

He usually brings a lunchbox with several compartments to store several dishes that his mother prepares him with love in the morning. Your lunch, most of the time, looks like the comforting food you order in a restaurant on the day of your cheat diet!

Last week, when I opened my lunchbox to finish my regular pasta, I saw my friend victoriously unveil her new lunchbox that looked like a multi-story building. Then he unpacked his chicken lunch with butter and pulao. After I finished eating this, he gave us an academic look as he disassembled the different parts of his lunchbox and spread it on the table. She really had all the ingredients to create a pani puri that licks your fingers! And that’s how he decided to finish his lunch.

While he thoroughly mixed boiled potatoes, chopped onions, cooked chickpeas, chopped coriander, chutneys and puri flavored pani, he couldn’t have been happier! She victoriously finished the 8 puris in her lunchbox without giving us a piece to try. Although it seemed a selfish act on their part, the spectators really enjoyed the show, and we couldn’t stop laughing when we remembered this incident a few days later.

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