Essay On Women’s Safety In English

It would be a shame for society to talk about the issue of women’s safety around the world. According to data and investigations every 15 to 20 minutes, a woman is abused, whether it is an overcrowded or wet area.

They are only data that can also be false because the maximum percentage of women does not talk about bad events.

Causes of sexual assault
As for the causes in many underdeveloped countries, there are many factors such as wandering at night, drinking in a bar or wearing a short skirt. But the real cause is the reduction of sentences and, sometimes, the nullity. The culprits will be seen roaming freely, while the victims are considered an untouchable person in society and this type of treatment often leads to suicide.

The only cause of sexual harassment of any gender is due to the stratification model of society. There have always been ways to treat a gender differently, for example, going out late at night is not something a woman can think about.

Another example is where the education of a boy is considered ordinary but the education of a girl is neglected. This gives men a stereotypical thought to treat a woman in the way they like.

Every time a girl faces some kind of mockery, she is generally expected not to react. The other sex takes this as their right and also wins. There are many daily examples that demonstrate how necessary a change in the justice system and perception for a better society is.

Sometimes women are not safe in their own homes, a family member is constantly assaulted and parents do not speak for fear of losing their relationship with the perpetrators.

There is another case in which a child sees at an early age that his mother is beaten by his father for small things. Therefore, it also affects a negative mental state in children. They can be called as the main reasons for less self-awareness and aggression.

Examples of sexual assault are daily teasing, threats and inappropriate touches. There has been a very popular case in India where a girl was raped in groups by six men.

The case put all of India into action, there have been many marches with candles and disappointments related to the case in which a 14-year-old boy inserted an iron rod into the victim’s private part. . The situation was subject to several trials and also underwent an expedited judicial session in which at least decisions were made in relation to other cases.

There have been numerous public policy amendments after this case was considered the rarest of the few. There is a law that clearly states that any form of verbal or nonverbal abuse or any form of mockery is considered a felony.

It was the popular case of Nirbhaya that aroused a sense of security for all women, but at the same time, after about a week, our country witnessed a group rape of two girls and they were killed by their rapists. .

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