If I Were A Unicorn πŸ¦„ Essay In English

Unicorns are one of the most talked about legends that have grown in popularity playing in the dreams of all children.

The legend of the unicorn is transmitted from generation to generation. Unicorns were most of my dreams.

I always wanted to have a unicorn that was a personification of beauty, with its long thin legs that run majestically across the field; Eat grass and play.

My childhood dream was to ride a unicorn, as if they existed. But as a child wants to realize his dreams, me too. One morning, when I woke up, I was surprised to see white hair everywhere. I panicked.

There was a horn in my head and a mane in my neck. I quickly ran to the mirror to see my appearance.

Oh my goodness! I had become my own childlike fantasy: a unicorn. The Unicorn in my stories was often described as an embodiment of love, holiness and momentum.

The beauty of the unicorn is unprecedented. I could not believe that I had become one.


According to legends, the white color of the Unicorn also symbolizes purity, peace and virginity. It is known that unicorns have magical and mystical powers.

But I wanted to see for myself if they worked. Then I thought about cleaning my room.

And, in a second, my room was spotless. Now I wanted to go live my dream. But how was I going to face my family? They would probably panic. And no, I wouldn’t use my powers against them.

It was not ethical. Then I waited for my parents to leave. Then I quickly scribbled one, without saying “I’ll be back later.” I just played. Take care. Love ”And with that, I ventured into the streets.

It turns out that my decision was incorrect. One of those exotic animals that roamed the streets of Delhi had people in rotation. Some tried to capture photographs.

But what caught my attention was when someone tried to force me. I just shook violently and the person fell. I wanted to laugh right now.

But I realized that it was not safe for me to wander this way. So I went back home and took human form using powers.

Although I could not seem a beauty from the sky, I absorbed it and followed the flow.

Perhaps the human form helps me to access those powers that I could not in the form of a unicorn. After that, I only ate something to fill my stomach.

Then I ventured into the streets again. I did a mission to help everyone, but I made sure that nobody misused my help to sit relaxed and stop all productive activity. While walking, I saw an injured puppy.

My heart melted immediately. I cured him with my powers and also fed him dog food. It was satisfying to have helped a creature.

But I was not satisfied with the insensitivity that prevailed among people. He gave their faces such a cold look. I wanted all evils to end. So she was like a crazy woman on fire to achieve her goals.

I wanted a change not only in my country, India, but also throughout the world. I started trying to eradicate all the poverty that prevails in the world. No, he didn’t charge people with cash or candy. Instead, I loaded the emotions into his mental state.

When a family from the rich strata of society decides to help the poor, progress is not a distant vision.

I wanted to put an end to all the wars that took place in the land of humanity. So I decided to end this annoyance.

First, I started eradicating terrorism. I changed their mentalities.

As soon as I did that, they abandoned their harmful activities and returned all kinds of weapons to the government.

Initially, the government was reluctant to let them release Scott, but he knew they were harmless. So I convinced the government to let them go.

Then I went to the Mediterranean region to see the situation of the countries affected by the war. I teleported and saw the extent of the destruction caused by the war. I was discouraged to see the scathing impact that war has had on all lives.

I tried to stop the war. But I soon realized that, although the terrorists had already been killed, it was the furious monster in the minds of people who needed control. The children roamed with guns when it was only an age to play with toy guns.

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