My Favourite Games In School Essay In English

In my neighborhood, every child goes out to play at night. I have to join them. I like to play any game, be it gilli-danda or football or badminton.

However, the game I like the most is cricket. It is a gentlemen’s game that offers good exercise and a lot of emotion.

My favorite cricket game

I have been interested in cricket since my early years. I see many test games, day games and 20-20 games on television with a lot of interest and excitement.

I’m pretty good at this game, particularly good at bowling. I managed to hunt even the best drummers in our area and at school with my expert bowling alley. With some of my friends, I formed a cricket club known as “Tendulkar Eleven”.

We have participated in many local games and have won many awards. Very often, I went with the “party man” award.

My parents are proud of me and encourage me at all times. I believe in playing good cricket. It means that I believe in fair play and sportsmanship.

We rotate the harbor captain’s office regularly. Whenever I am a captain, I do my best to encourage my teammates. I am also part of the school’s youth cricket team. However, I don’t play cricket at the expense of my studies.

If I have homework, I won’t play until I finish it. I know that I can never become a Sachin Tendulkar or a Mahendra Singh Dhoni, but I love this game and will play it as long as I can.

My favorite football
My favorite game is football. It is a popular game worldwide, especially in Europe and South America. The Soccer World Cup is one of the most exciting events in the world.

Soccer is played between two teams. Each side has eleven players. The teams are divided into five strikers, three half backs, two sides and a goalkeeper.

My favorite football

The goalkeeper defends the goal. He is also called as a goalkeeper. A coin is thrown to decide in which half of the field each team will play. The players try to throw the soccer ball to the opponents’ net.

When they do, they score a goal. There are two halves of 45 minutes each in a football match. The team with the most goals becomes the winner.

I like football because it is a fast game. Give good exercise. I play in the school soccer team. I am the captain of our team.

Soccer is a good game for the mind and body. The doctor recommends a lot of exercise, just by playing this game, we can achieve all the physical form of the body.

Unlike cricket, there is a lot of enthusiasm for football.

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