Short Essay On Respect Your Elders For Kids

Older people are generally the person older than you or an individual. He/she is the one with seniority or any authority above any concern. Respect for the elderly is a basic attitude or form that is shown to the superior. Show signs of gratitude to the authority in question and a matter of honoring someone.

Respect does not refer to elder behavior or disrespect for a person. It’s about respecting your life experiences. Respect comes from within the soul and not from the outside world.

For example, children respect their parents when they can understand the pure meaning of fatherhood. They will also respect other people in society when they respect them. But today, this work is done by teachers and not parents …

In India, respect for the elderly is given by touching the feet of the elderly, such as grandparents, parents, teachers and parents. In places like villages and other backward communities, the way to show respect is to lean and lie on the floor and the word given to it is Shashtaangh Dandwat Pradnaam.

Another way to show respect is simply to say Namaste, Jai Jinendra, Radhe Radhe, etc. In the business world, the way to respect all authority is simply to say hello, good afternoon and good night. But today the world is changing rapidly and the way to show respect is changed by shaking hands instead of saying Namaste and everything.

Who can be the oldest?
Grandparents, parents and relatives
Superior authority
old people
respect the elders

Reasons to respect the elderly
Show gratitude to an individual.
To show them love and affection.
Show respect in terms of age, education, qualification and experience.
Acquire knowledge and wisdom from the ancients.
Just be human and show humanity.
In today’s business world, gratitude manifests itself by not saying the name of the individual or any authority, but by respecting and simply codifying Mister / Madam to the authority. It shows a sign of morality and the person’s behavior towards anything.

In university studies, in schools, colleges and universities, the elderly are the elderly and the elderly are the people who study in the same context, but who is more superior to us in terms of degrees.

Usually, their parents, teachers or other supportive parents teach this basic form to each child, but it is an important concern of anyone in their entire lives. Grandparents say that with children or with any child, you cannot teach ways to respect the elders.

According to them, this is learned from the family attitude. It comes from the roots of the family. The elderly generally share their experiences with the children and explain the advantages and disadvantages of the decision they made at that time. This ideology is considered the best when manners are taught. If the child learns this, then he learns to respect the elders …

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