Summer Season Essay In English for Class 1 to 5

The summer season is one of the four seasons that occur on Earth. It is the hottest of the whole season and comes after the spring that leads to autumn. It usually starts in March and lasts until the end of September. The beginning of Holi generally marks the beginning of the summer season.

The sun’s rays shine like gold dust and the world feels joy. It ends with the appearance of monsoons and heavy rains. Summers generates different types of images in the mind’s eye. Summer means joy; Summer means heat, summers means flowers.

Science of the summer season.

The summer season is caused by the slope of the land. This inclination would have been caused by an asteroid that hit the earth and tilted it 23.5 degrees from its axis. During the Earth Revolution, when the inclined side is closer to the Sun, we live in summer, marked by a sharp increase in atmospheric temperature.

During this period of equinox; The sun sets directly on the equator. The days lengthen by shortening the nights. This season also hosts the longest day of the year (the longest light from sunrise to sunset)

Benefits of the summer season.

The summer season, although it is the hottest of all, is enjoyed by many and is particularly popular among young children. Like them, as adults, we must surely have many memories and experiences that still remind us today of those hot summer evenings of laziness and ice cream.

Summer is the time to work long hours due to the duration of the day, which increases our production and productivity.
Children have at least one month of vacation during which they are freed from the burden of backpacks and homework and can enjoy the innocence of their childhood and rejoice.
Due to the dry land, children often go out to play several games, which is not only good for their physical development, but also nourishes the mind.
Due to widespread pollution in cities, temperatures generally exceed the tolerable limit, they rush to mountainous regions, beaches and coastal resorts to enjoy their summer vacations.
The summer seasons bring a lot of exotic fruits to provoke the palate. Mangoes, red fruits, pears, papaya, grapes, juicy plums, berries, apricots and many more are the main attractions for the palate in summer. A variety of tasty vegetables also promotes the summer season for growth: beans, corn, cucumbers, tomatoes, melons, peppers and squash. These fruits and vegetables are not only useful for satiating our taste buds, but they are also rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that help us stay healthy and fresh and also delay the aging process. In addition, fruits are composed of more than 50% water, which helps us stay hydrated during summers and prevent unfortunate incidents such as heat stroke.
The summer season with shorter nights and warmer paddles makes it easier to wake up early and walk and exercise, which helps keep the deadly machine in top condition.
Children can enjoy various fun activities such as swimming, boating, rafting, kayaking, etc.
Due to the clear sky, summer is the most ideal time for air travel. Many families make trips during the summer to distant destinations abroad such as beaches and islands to spend their vacations and have eternal memories to treasure.
Due to the temperature, the summer season is ideal for displaying a variety of bright and colorful dresses of our choice. It gives us the freedom to wear comfortable and loose clothing due to the prevailing temperatures.
And finally, there is nothing more pleasant than spending lazy summer evenings sitting on the floor, admiring the magnificent sunset while savoring our favorite ice cream and cold drinks.
Disadvantages during the summer season.
The summer season is one of the best of all seasons and offers us immense possibilities of pleasure. However, like everything else in the world, it also has some drawbacks.

The summer season is the hottest of all seasons, it causes several hot and dry local winds such as “Loo”, which is extremely harmful for children and adults and can cause illness and fatigue.

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