Winter Vacation Short Essay for Children in 300 words

Winter is considered the best season if you ask me and there are many better memories regarding this season. Winter in India usually begins after the Diwali festival or from October to January.

Winter is considered the coolest season and in this season the best part comes with the arrival of snow, where we play with the snow and make a ball with it and throw it at our friends or just fight snowballs; make snowmen, toys and angels or just continue skating; catch the snowflakes from your mouth; Go snowshoeing, celebrate Christmas and New Year with your friends and family, etc.

This is the best season to improve immunity and digestion is also improving and nobody is there to prevent you from eating because this season your hunger increases quite automatically and the body works more properly than in any other season. In this season, vegetables are fresh, organic and pure. Elements that increase immunities:

Sesame seeds (tili)
The milk products
Whole grains, etc.
Some humans simply hate their season due to diseases caused by this dangerous season such as the flu, fever, sniffing, dizziness, headache, cough and cold, itching, scarring with scars, etc.

But even after these diseases, I was happy to be sick because all day, staying in his room, sitting in front of the radiator to heat and wear woolen clothes such as sweaters, shauls, maflares, etc. .

Items made in winter
Methi and items made with it and other vegetables such as cabbage, etc.
Gudd ke laddu
Gajar ka Halwa
Moong ka halwa
Tili Laddu
Palak Paneer
Moli paratha
Sarso Ka Saag
Tulsi adrak chai
Sweet Corn and Tomato Soup
Aloo kill Ki Sabzi
(Delicious, so delicious) winter holiday test

Cold weather disrupts an individual’s daily routine and maximum mood swings only occur during this season and mainly cause boredom and overeating (in short, his lifestyle is completely destroyed). As a rule, many bad things also happen in winter, such as:

wake up late
take a bath in 2-3 days (too stinky)
go to bed early
eat a lot
weight gain
body stress increases
spend more time with the sun
I spent all my winter vacations like this and had a lot of fun and the remaining vacation days, I go to mountain resorts like Shimla, Manali, Himachal Pradesh, ooty, etc. and using 2-3 sweaters at a time and I return home to enjoy the rest of the holidays in masti with friends and family and simply enjoying my winter holidays.

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