World Health Day 2020 (7th April) Essay In English

We are all aware of the fact that “health is wealth.” Good access to medical care is not available to all humans on our planet. People who live in remote parts of the world have very little access to basic health services.

Every year, on April 7, the World Health Organization, with the support of its member countries, celebrates World Health Day.

This day is celebrated to disseminate information and raise awareness about the importance of health for human beings. Globally, World Health Day is celebrated every year on a specific topic.

The topic highlights an underlying problem and focuses the strategies for the current year on the particular issue. The problems and features listed with the topic are addressed throughout the year of operation.

It was in 1948 that WHO decided to hold the first major event in the name of medical care, but it was called “World Health Assembly”.

Never before has WHO held such an assembly. It was the first time that something like this happened and attracted crowds and participants from all over the world. Soon, in 1950, the first World Health Day was celebrated.

World Health Day 2020 – April 7
The main theme on which World Health Day will be celebrated in 2020 is called “Universal health care.” The main objective of WHO is to implement strategies that establish a framework to make medical care accessible to all regions of the world.

It has received worldwide attention from global concerns in the implementation of many related programs and has allowed medical care to reach the doors of the common man today.

World Health Day

Any topic developed for a specific year is a change and a deviation from this global perspective.

Many WHO dignitaries admire countries that strongly support the medical care of their citizens. These experts believe that a country can only progress when its citizens lead healthy and happy lives.

To obtain medical care at higher levels, political leaders who implement policies in the country should be willing to do so.

In other words, where there is a strong formulation of policies related to basic and primary health care, the progress of this nation could be achieved at another level.

WHO has also observed that over the years, countries offer different health plans for their citizens in their annual budgets. But poor implementation leads to the looting of these plans or their lack of implementation.

Therefore, realistic steps and achievable goals are, therefore, the need of the hour. A model that will help support the growth and development of the health sector will successfully implement these strategies with a futuristic vision.

The priority areas of World Health Day 2020 are easy access to quality medical care, improving the life expectancy of people and the population in general, solving maternal health care problems. , access to affordable medical care, end epidemic diseases, focus on child medical care, address malnutrition, ensure nutritious food in economies affected by poverty and help countries that have huge bowls of hungry people.

The main motivation for quality medical care should reach government agencies that would invest heavily in medical care and focus their strategies on health insurance providers and other related policy makers.

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